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Product: Air Handling Unit - Humidity Control

1. Temperature (°C): 25°C +/-3°C; 2. Humidity (%RH): 65% +/-5%; 3. Clean Class: 100000.

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Electronic air quality measuring equipment must be supplied for each booth to monitor and alarm in the event of VOC concentrations that are approaching LEL (lower explosion level) threshold concentrations. This monitoring equipment will be interlocked with spray equipment.
Heating will be supplied from either indirect fired oil burner heat exchangers or steam from hot water generation.
Cooling will be supplied from either DX cooling sections or chilled water coils fed from supplier provided chiller equipment.
Filtration will consist of a minimum of three stages. Stage 1 will be a bank of bag type 35-45% efficient filters.
Stage 2 will be a bank of multi-pocket filters with 65-85% efficient filters. Stage 3 will be a bank of multi-pocket filters with 95% plus efficient filters.
Temperature (°C): 25°C +/-3°C
Humidity (%RH): 65% +/-5%





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