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Product: Helmet Paint Shop

1. Robot automatic painting line for helmet 2. Conveyor Length: 265mtrs 3. Capacity: 410pcs/hour

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Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ledKVoliS_Y

Robot automatic spray painting line for helmet: it is an online robot painting line which is featured with high efficiency and output.

Robot painting is combined with baking oven, which is good to minimize man power.

Data of automatic spray painting gun are neumatically control.

Clean class: 10000 in painting area.

Design Details:
1. Article: helmet, Max Dia420mm;
2. Conveyor Speed: V=4.2m/min(3-6m/min adjustable)
3. Spindle Pitch: 609.6mm
4. Horizontal Radius: 550mm
5. Conveyor Length: 265mtrs

6. Air Suction Unit: clean class 10000 for spray booth and deionizing booth;

clean class 100000 for loading unloading area; blower: 18.5KW.
7. Capacity: 410pcs/hour

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